I am being railroaded.

It is a unique experience. And my first real dealing with office politics. What a way to learn.

Let me tell a little story bout a man named Jed. Yeah. Jed will do. Jed and Zeke were promoted at the same time. Both sets of paperwork go to HR on the same day. Zeke gets his promotion in 1 month. Jed waits, and waits, and waits. Jed gets worried and asks WTF? Turns out the paperwork "disappeared" in HR. "Interesting" thinks Jed.

So the paperwork goes to HR for round 2. Only now the budget is "tight". People don't want to commit money to Jed. Jed pulls some strings and uses some favors. All is right in the world. Things are signed and things are going places. Or so Jed thinks.

Jed and Zeke get promoted again. Jed whoops Zekes ass in the promotion. They have to promote good ole Jed first. But wait... whats this? Jed is still waiting for the first set of paperwork from how many months ago.

Only enough money for one now. Contract is up on Friday. May be extensions, may not. I am a mouse in the paws of fickle fate. Fate being played by Human Resources.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Loops within loops. People moving paper this way and that. Power struggles just out of reach and sight.

Now I know how Captain Hook felt. Tick Tock.

I am Jed. And I am screwed.