I have discovered a stark and wonderful beauty today. It is the interface of my predecessors, the vision of the future from days long forgotten. It's just damn cool. What could have a geek frothing so?

Old Technology of course!

This story has a preface.
The last month has been a real gutbuster stresswise. Those are stories for another day. The key is this: I have a new job that works me like a rented mule. My e2 path to godhood has be affected adversely.
So, banging bits for a new taskmaster, I move to a new computer. Net access galore. Net access that cruelly expired yesterday at exactly 2:07:32 pm EST. I felt that umbilical cord separate for the second horrible time.

Caffeine, blood of the ancients, fueled my madness.

As soon as a pulled myself out of the fetal position, I hatched my mad scheme.

Access must be had!

Telnet to server 1. access! Telnet from 1 to 2. access! ftp to server 3. access! download the payload. access! install the payload. access!

Run the browser of the grayhaired guru. Sweet sweet access!
lynx, savior of my E2! How I revel in your black and white embrace!

E2 becomes art in stark black system fonts.