However, it was learned this week that U.S. officials were concerned in October that terrorists had stolen a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb from Russia, and were ready to detonate it in New York City. This news freaked me out. I even had a nightmare about it last night. The dream went like this: I was a specialist, working at a base on a lakeshore. It was a time of crisis. Earth had to get a rocket launched to send something to Mars. But there was a problem. The Cold War had never ended. We had to co-operate with the Russians, and we didn't trust them. They seemed to working on the same project. I remember walking past a nuclear missile and I said "Don't use it. We need to see what the Russians are doing first." The walls were white and sterile. I walked away from the missile and up some stairs leading to the roof. I was alone looking over a huge expanse of water, oceanlike. It was sunset on a clear day and I was nervous. I watched over the lake and I saw the huge rockets launching. Like the Saturn V's. Raising out of the lake. The Russians were launching. This is were the dream becomes slow motion and extra vivid.

While I watched the rockets rising, I thought:
There are too many.
They don't look right.
What do the tail fins on a nuke look like? Are they different on a space rocket?
There are too many.
Then it happened. The sound is what I remember most.
Like two rocks banging together underwater sharply.
The flash came and I knew I was dead.