I'm swinging on the swings at my old elementary school with my 5th grade best friend, Brian. Brian keeps swinging higher and higher, and I'm yelling at him to stop. He swings high enough, and when the swing comes down, he's gone.

I start to walk towards the school. It changes into my high school. The field I was walking on disappears into space, the high school is floating. I trip on a rock, and suddenly I'm somewhere else.

For a moment, I'm just floating alone in space.

I'm in my friend Alina's family kitchen, underneath the counter. When someone opens the cabinet, I hand them things. They seem to open the cabnet quite frequently. I feel like I'm falling, and then...

I'm lying in the basement of my sister's house with my nephew, Thomas, and his friends. They're smoking pot. I suddenly feel old and useless.

Nap dreams are severely underrated.