The Physics of People, or, Wave-Particle Duality in a Nutshell

People are funny phenomena.
They look like particles but behave like waves.

We harmonize and unify in consuming
the air and the earth and the water, like a wildfire
A laser, ultimately, which melts everything into diamond
but leaves it nowhere to go but in and in and in...

into One, indeed! One Earth, One Nation, One Race!
We all vibrate at the same frequency, then,
projecting legendary holograms in a universally intelligible Form.
Surely by then We are light in a crystal.

What is this business of people-particles and people-waves?
I profess with nine-fold ardor: It is all an illusion!
One has Hadit both ways once the alchemy happens:
Wo/Man is neither matter nor energy, until It minds it!

People are everything, that is, Humanity permeates the Cosmos;
If We are alone in it, then We are at its focus.
A diamond floating in space or space floating around a diamond?
We need a dialectic either way and every other.

(Now We are particles, and soon We will harmonize;
then We will ripple, just before We disperse!)

People are funny phenomena.
They are the opposite of what One says they are!