"Welcome, depraved sons and daughters of Adam..."

Godhatesfags.com is a domain and web site operated by the (arguably) reverend Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church. The church uses it as a permanent platform for the same sort of bile that they spread in their demonstrations and speeches. They're not some patriotic, ultra-right organisation, no. They're evangelical nutjobs whose web site icon is an inverted American flag.

The site is full of gems of hate. Something about elect and non-elect Jews who haven't repented for killing Christ (isn't there a statute of limitations even for deicide?) Constant reminders that God Hates Fags, of course, and America is damned for not seizing and destroying said Fags. If it's been cleverly proven by pasting a snippet from Leviticus 20:23 next to the claim, it must be so. And let's not forget, folks, that:

"Obama-the-Muslim is a monstrous sinner before God, promoting abortion, sodomy, proud sin and blasphemy."

A pro-sodomy president? Dang, I think I can live with that.

The site also hosts sinfully prideful imagery of the church's expeditions to the home turf of religious rivals and guest appearances at events that will let them make their unprovable point. You can also find out their next shows. For example, June 2009 offered many opportunities to be insulted and jeered by God's Most Chosen. If you missed out, you were probably not sinning badly enough.

June 6 saw a visit to a Cincinnati temple that committed the horrific sin of appointing a black, female rabbi (ssssh, I heard that she's Jewish too, don't let them know). They were there, with bells and whistles and waving quotes from Isaiah 3. Picketing the shul followed. The same day, John 5 was hurled at a gathering of Obama's Satan's Jehovah's Witnesses in Kansas City, and several conveniently located Kansas synagogues were reminded of the sinfulness of their existence.

A day in the life, and your participation is made so much easier by the wonderful technology that is the World Wide Web. Check the web site and get yours now, before the Rapture gets them and you'll never be able to be vocally denounced and SAVED by the Really Chosen. I mean really, really CHOSEN, like the five (number: 5) people who showed up to picket Elizabeth Edwards's funeral in the cold and rain. Not the UNCHOSEN like the counter-demonstrators who outnumbered them thirty to one.

The web site, just like the organisation that it belongs to, has been in and out of the news for years but gained some extra attention back in the good old days, when snatching domains was a lot easier than it is now and some people did it for sport.

The then-famous-now-probably-almost-forgotten "hack" of godhatesfags.com occurred in August 1999 when an unknown individual managed to spoof a domain modification authorisation with Network Solutions and reassigned maintainership and DNS authority to Kris Haight, a sysadmin for a small ISP in New Hampshire and owner of godlovesfags.com. Apparently Phelps was using MAIL-FROM as his authentication method--a method which is weak and susceptible to forgery and went out of style along with the Y2K bug. Haight says he was told to keep an eye out two days beforehand but claims to have known nothing else before the transfer went through.

Haight promptly took the opportunity to redirect godhatesfags.com to his own site for the next two days while news spread across the net and brought him visitors in the tens of thousands. He returned the domain after Phelps threatened to take action against his employers.

The person who made the transfer was never found but is probably silently gloating to this very day, pleased with the warm feeling of schadenfreude s/he managed to spread for a few days. Possibly the most memorable hack of 1999. Even ten years later I still can't read about godhatesfags.com without remembering this incident. Sometimes there is a God... even in Kansas. And sometimes He doesn't have quite as much against Fags as some people make Him out to have.