Bikini Atoll is one of a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean that the U.S. used for some atomic bomb tests in the 1940s and 1950s. The native inhabitants, called Bikinians, were evacuated and compensated for the use of one of their islands.

Meanwhile, in Paris, engineer Louis Reard, had quietly designed a new swimsuit that would shock the masses. Another Frenchmen, Jacques Heim, had created his own two piece bathing suit, which he called "The Atome", and he described it as "The world's smallest bathing suit."

Not to be outdone, Reard called his swimsuit "Smaller than the world's smallest bathing suit". However, he lacked a suitable name for his masterpiece ... until he was inspired by the U.S. army's nuclear testing.

Nuclear technology was all the rage back then.

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