First day back in Kluang today. For the unintiated, it's a town smack in the center of Johor, the Southernmost state in Peninsular Malaysia.

Assembled the new computer system today. Everything more or less went well, except that the video system seems flaky on running at resolutions below 1024x768 for some reason or other ... which means that the two games I tried playing, Simcity 3000 and Red Alert 2 aren't working. Grr... I suspect it's this el-cheapo NVIDIA Vanda LT TNT2 video card that I got with this system.

I did consider that the monitor could be at fault, but thought it funny that it would work fine at a higher resolution and not at a lower one. Besides, it's an NEC.

Also booked a flight back to Sydney for December 31, 2000 so I can view the New Year eve fireworks display. For once.