It's November 17, 2000 server time right now, but it's past midnight here in Sydney, Australia, so I'll log this as November 18th, Sydney time.

I recently got back from a day out involving a visit to the Sydney Intenational Motor Show and a dinner party at a friend's girlfriend's place where we celebrated his upcoming birthday and took the opportunity to wish him well as he is off to the U.S. of A soon.

The food was excellent, most of it cooked by the said friend's girlfriend (with some help in preparation from yours truly and others). The chocolate ice cream cake was heavenly. Beautiful.

Left their place after midnight. Refused offers for a ride back as I did not want to bother the friends with cars (it is a good 20 minutes drive out here) and took the train instead.

I guess the thing I want to say is that I find it weird that my ex-girlfriend is now not only not talking to me but is instead noding nodes, some of which seem to have the intent of me reading them, on Everything2 ...