Saturday, June 8th, 2002. Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It's good to be back in Sydney, even if it's in the midst of the cold season. Having been away since February, I've now undertaken the 7 hour flight to see lignocaine in person again.

Today, we took the morning and afternoon to do some property hunting. We started by buying the Sydney Morning Herald, leafing through the property pages in the "Domain" section and selecting a few places with open house property inspections on that day. In Sydney, the days for property inspections turn out to be Wednesday and Saturday.

We saw a gamut of places, from run down two bedroom apartments in Coogee to a $2.5 million dollar house on a hill with a view of the beach. I had known that property prices in Sydney were overpriced but finding out firsthand was quite enlightening. There were, however, signs that the property boom are coming undone. Several of the properties we saw were for sale because the previous buyer was not able to complete the transaction. The $2.5 million dollar house was also for sale by auction by the bank, a sign that the previous owner was not able to make the mortgage payments.

The highlight of the day was definitely dinner. Lignocaine and I went to the Palisade Restaurant (read about the experience by clicking through). Although I insisted on paying for dinner, sneff insisted that the meal was on him. We couldn't but accept, even though the meal and drinks would have come to about A$150 but we promised we'd repay his kindness someday.

Attention all e2 noders - sneff has authorised me to tell you that all noders are welcome to a meal, at the Palisade Restaurant, on him, as long as you contact him beforehand.