My first day working as an intern. It was good actually making the orders instead of waiting around like medical students do. A good sense of power.

I saw four patients in the emergency department today. The first had a painful eye, the second had recurrent boils which she wanted investigated, the third was a doozy with flank pain that was difficult to sort out and the fourth was a woman with vaginal bleeding. Hmm ... all four turned out to be women.

Ordered morphine for pain relief for the first time. Gave a total of 7.5mg (in 2.5mg doses) to the lady with flank pain because she was in so much pain. Also had to do a vaginal examination - the first time since my O&G term one and a half years ago -- it ended up that I could not tell whether or not the cervical os was open or not (and therefore if the miscarriage was complete or just threathened) ... ohwell, more practice needed.

Tomorrow I'm going to be in the "Acute" section instead of today's "Subacute" section. I think I'm looking forward to it.