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Having just stood in for an [appendicectomy] today, I feel I can comment on this disease.

The classical picture of appendicitis is one where a vague, [colic|colicky] [epigastric] pain turns into a sharp pain in the [right iliac fossa]. The right iliac fossa pain is moderate to severe, often unremitting and is worsened by movement. [Anorexia] is another classical feature whilst [fever] may or may not be present.

If the pain has progressed to being very severe and is now located all over the abdomen, it means that the [appendix] has perforated and there is [peritonitis] in the patient's belly.

An important lesson I learnt from the surgeon whilst holding retractors for her on the operating table was that having [diarrhea] or [blood]/[white cells] in the [urine] does not exclude appendicitis. Appendicitis can sometimes cause diarrhea through irritation of the nearby [ileum] and similarly can cause irritation to the [ureter] if it passes next to the appendix (the location of the appendix is variable).