I'm talking to my boyfriend about my last node. Its a poem one of my teachers at college wrote. Its getting down voted, he thinks its probably boys who got insulted. Its not about all men, or even men in general. This was his reply:

I know, but you have to look at some things from a male standpoint. Most guys who have to listen to women talk about how oppressive men are, are men who haven't oppressed women. It's hard having to hear it all the time.

I think women are much more mentally oppressive (this is in general. There are always exceptions.) I've never had boys play mind games with me, and I always do that to them... Not on purpose, just because I don't think about it. His reply to that was:

It's tough being told you're evil because you're part of an oppressive gender

I feel bad for boys sometimes. I mean, physically, perhaps, they have it easier. I was talking about this to boy this morning, how I'm glad I am a girl. He had a scar on his arm because he and his friend got drunk and thought it would be funny to burn each other or something.

You'd think by now things would be evened out, after years and years of evolution. But, I guess they never will be.