Another midly hungover morning. I'm so glad I've found someone. I'm so glad I'm not looking here. I think after I cruise into lunch every day straight out of bed with my hair plastered down, in my pajamas, I've ruined any appeal I could have mustered up. Somehow I found someone who's seen me at my worst and hasn't thought any less of me. Who has stayed with me when I threw up all day long, and stayed with me the night before. Who had dealt with my paranoia, panicking, perfectionism, and messiness. Who has seen me after I slept all night in a tent and didn't mind taking me to a restaurant to eat before I'd showered or anything. I think that is love. When they see youand you are so disgusting you want to cry, but they don't mind. They aren't embarrassed to be seen with you. I'm embarrassed to be seen with me sometimes.

Why are you so far away?, The Cure