I think tv and movies cheat you. At least sometimes. They build up such great expectations for everything. And then, when you experience it yourself, you can't just be excited for what it is. No, you just wish it was like the movies.

I think a prime example of this is sleeping in dorm rooms. I like staying with my boyfriend. And I will continue to do so, but tv makes me feel like I'm missing out. On TV there is no morning breath, a roommate isn't having sex 5 feet away while you sleep, there are never the space issues that exist in real life with two people (each of us are skinny but he's over 6 feet tall and I'm 5'10") sharing a twin size bed.

Not really a huge deal, just something on my mind today. And that was just one example of this, others include: high school (Didn't they have fun on Saved by the Bell?), airplanes, roadtrips, the internet, and probably a million more things.