One of the best parts of this movie are the witty songs (which of course are designed to offend as many different people as possible):

The Meaning of Life
Why are we here, what is life all about? The essential questions of existence, this film, and the fish in the tank, all summed up in one song.
Every Sperm Is Sacred
A Roman Catholic explains to his many children why contraception is considered a sin.
Oh Lord Please Don't Burn Us
Parochial school students show they have learned the fear of God.
The Galaxy Song
Eric Idle expands Mrs. Brown's universe to explain just how insignificant she is in the grand scheme of things.
The Accountancy Shanty
The accountants of The Crimson Permanent Assurance take to the high seas of international finance.
The Penis Song
Alternately known as The Not Noel Coward Song or Not the Noel Coward Song, it's a simple tribute to the male genitalia.
Christmas in Heaven
Tony Bennett (but "not that Tony Bennett") welcomes the freshly deceased to the end of their lives and the end of the movie in a staircase-climbing number straight out of an old Hollywood musical.