yes. well. this night i had a weird dream. i dreamt that i was riding in a big white van in the city i live in with a friends friend and two of his female friends. we stopped at some grassy clearing and somehow i got connected to the internet there. i think it was from a laptop, but i'm not really sure were the outlet was. i connected to final realms - which is the mud i play on - and made a new character. i begun to walk around in the world and came a cross a much more high-levelled character which was really hurt, so i killed him, and took all his eq and all other high-levelled chars on the mud started to complain on me but i didn't really care. i had a cool mithril chainmail armour that gave me -87 ac and nothing could stop me, so i killed one other character too, but then nobody complained at me, i guess they feared me - a level 5 character who kills level 50 characters like nothing - too much to bother :)

aah how i which that dream could come true.