I used to work at Hollywood Video. Don't do that; if you do, get a stick.

For instance, this is every film question that I ever fielded:

Me: Hello?
Customer: Hi, do you have that movie?
M: What?
C: You know, that movie? With that guy?
M: Do you have a title?
C: No, it's that movie. With that guy. And that other guy. Oh, and that one girl with the hair.
M: That's not much help.
C: Well it has that theme song that goes 'dun dun DUN', you know? And it was directed by that guy who did that other movie. With the other guy...
M: No, I don't know. Have you been sent here by the devil?
C: ...And then they made a sequel to it, but it wasn't as good, and they got this one other guy to direct it so that might be why. I think my mother's third cousin's hairdresser's dog might have known him...

You get the point. I wish the store had permitted customer beatdowns.