Like most dangerous life choices, the choice of whether or not to engage in narcotics use is a deeply personal one, and I have to say that I am more than a little bit upset by all the nodes on this page that vehemently and blanketly attack drug use.

Not just because few of these come from real-life experience (I count not one story above in the form of "this happened when I tried acid/speed/mushrooms/etc" and several in the form of "this happened when my friend tried these drugs, etc.), but also because they seem to me to be written using the same knee-jerk, impulsive thought process that they accuse most drug users of engaging in.

I really don't see the decision to engage in recreational drug use to be that much different from the choice to engage in, say, casual sex or helmetless motorcycle riding or extreme sports or bomb-building or lion-taming or whatever. Most of these activities are fun (I imagine) because of, not in spite of, their respective danger and outlaw status, and it does little good to simply tell people not to engage in them.

Now, you will get little argument from me on your fundamental principle here, that drug use is potentially dangerous, but the idea that all nodes that condone drug use, either implicitly or explicity, are irresponsible is somewhat absurd. I mean, there are plenty of nodes about stupid activites on e2, they just don't have the cultural taboo that drug use does.

If anything, what we need are more solid, factual nodes that explain clearly and objectively what the results of drug use are. The worst attribute to the current cultural bias against drug use is that people aren't talking about it.