Prank log, August 1, 2002.

So I'd wanted to do this for a few years now. The Berkeley Art Museum has a lot of dada art up on its sixth floor, stuff like Brillo boxes or wind-up machines.

The other day, my friend and I made up some placards with the intent of taking credit for the museum fire alarm and floor plan. Mine, which was for the fire alarm, read as follows:

United States, 1980-present

Red Menace
circa 2002
Gift of the artist
{my IP address}
Down for Warcraft!

My friend took the museum floor plan. His placard read:

Azzer's friend
United States, 1982-present

Smoke from the abyss
21st century
Ink on paper
Gift of the artist
{his IP address}

We walked into the museum today with placards ready, two cameras, and a thing of scotch tape. Very carefully we put the placards up, so as not to gain the attention of the security guards. I worry, however, that we did look a bit suspicious, since it appeared that one of the guards was trailing us.

I figure that the placards will stay up for a while, though. I mean, after all, how often does the museum check them?

Photos soon.

UPDATE: The museum has taken down the placards. We're heavily debating going in and reposting them, or taking credit for another item in the museum.