The Madison piercing is a surface piercing of the collarbone. It can be pierced with either a surface bar or a ring. It is not very common in the United States, but I have been told that it is much more common in the UK.

Like most surface piercings, the Madison is very painful to get and difficult to heal. It is also prone to rejection and migration. However, those who have successfully healed a Madison piercing say that it was worth it; it is incredibly beautiful, much like a necklace without the chain.

Like many piercings, the Madison was named after the first person known to have it done; in this case, a porn star known as Madison. It is one of the few body piercings that is almost never referred to by its "proper" name (usually the name of the body part or a scientific or Latin variant), and I am not sure it even has one, aside from the "collarbone piercing".