Bejeezus am I tired today... I've just gotten home from work and I ache all over, had to get straight in the shower cos I felt so hot and sticky.

And here was me thinking that working as a Support Analyst would involve being sat in front of a computer in some state of disrepair or other. For the past two days we've been overrun by couriers and other sundry delivery people, all bringing in shed loads of new kit.

And I swear to god that my colleagues must have some sort of sixth sense that warns them when a truck is about to arrive so they all bugger off out ten minutes before it arrives.

So, last Friday, I'm sat at my laptop updating our database when this driver turns up at the door and says "I've got 27 boxes for you". I go look and find that he has 27 Hewlett Packard LaserJets on the van. I start running round like a headless chicken trying to find:

(A) Space to put the damn things and

(B) Someone to help me

Both of which were in short supply. We have a very small office which was already bursting at the seams from previous deliveries. Consequently I end up lugging these damn boxes off the van as the driver hands them to me.

Yesterday I managed to get people to deliver the printers out to schools just in the nick of time as about half an hour after the last one went out another driver turns up and announces that he has 24 new computers and monitors from Dell for me. Note - for me not for the Council! So here I am again, only one colleague in the office. At least this driver was more helpful - he actually carried some of the kit in himself. But we had totally run out of space in the storeroom. Hurriedly one of my other colleagues (who wasn't even in at the time) found himself evicted from his workroom, his benches turfed into storage and the room stacked floor to ceiling with Dell boxes.

Today, I get elected to inventory the kit and prepare it all for delivery to schools. Throughout the course of the day I've unpacked each new item, scanned its barcodes into my laptop, applied those little gold and silver asset stickers to each machine (hmmm, very fetching on nice new 'midnight grey' computers), scan its Windows product key and assign each machine to a school. Then I had to repackage each item and move it into the corridor so people could load them into their cars.

Got rid of about half of them. I'll need to screw up the workplan for tomorrow and get people out running errands for me instead of doing something constructive like repairing cacked machines.

I never want to see another Dell box as long as I live. But I know its not going to happen 'cos the first seven new servers turned up for Primary Schools this afternoon, with another 23 to follow. Gah.

One things for sure, I needn't bother applying for membership of a gym!