One of the best mindfuck movies I've seen in a while. A 2001 Jeff Richardson film, starring Joe Escalante (of Vandals fame), among others. I think the best teaser description of it is the love child of Cronenberg's Videodrome, and punk rock. It has a gritty, punk feel to it from the beginning; the acting reminded me of movies like Clerks at first. The protagonist was similar as well, being a hapless punk who's going nowhere fast, and who means well, but can't seem to avoid making mistakes, one after another.

After a suitable amount of character introduction, the movie starts to get weird. I'm not in the habit of writing spoilers, but suffice to say that our hero ends up in the middle of the desert in his underwear, surrounded by surreal insanity at every turn. If you're into punk, this movie is worth it just for the soundtrack... but if you're into low-budget, creative, independent films (for which you're willing to sacrifice some Hollywood-style acting), then this is a can't-miss soon-to-be cult classic.

On the other hand, I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back the same night (how far you've fallen, Kevin..), so anything moderately intelligent was bound to make an impact..