Look at it face value. Reality is subjective. One's perspective, no matter how shallow, deep, close to nature, etc. is always their definition of reality. The book "1984" illustrates this fact. If there was a war against Country A last week, but you and everyone believe there was at war against Country B this AND last week, what is reality? Ironically, someone disagreeing with my point would help enforce it, as this idea i believe to be true isn't part of their perspective.

There is certainly validity to the idea that "poor" = "better grip on reality". For example I work at a department store, because I must have steady income. If I'm shopping in a department store with someone who doesn't have the responsibility of paying for things themselves, they won't know the effects of actions they may take (like messing up product facings). Like the saying "don't we pay someone to do that". Yes we do, but if you had their job for a couple months you would take care of it yourself, or atleast realize how you are affecting that "someone". Although again "poor" is subjective.

I'd say wealth and understanding of reality are not proportional.