BEST BUDDIESBest buddies is an organization at the school that I am in. It is a lot of fun and it teaches you new things about other people. I geuss I should explain what best buddies actually is, huh?

WHAT BEST BUDDIES IS ALL ABOUTBest buddies started as a small organization at a college. It was set up to help out kids who were mentally challenged, or were mentally retarded. Basically, kids who are mentally challenged have less oppurtunities to do fun things. People who join best buddies are partnered up with a kid with mental retardation and we take them out to do fun things!

HOW I GOT INTERESTED WITH BEST BUDDIES It spread quickly moving on to high schools, just like mine. So at the beginning of last year I was just entering high school. As a freshman I decided that I would try to get myself to do new things and take a break from sports. So best buddies appeared in a school book and I read a little about it. I decided I would give it a try.

MY FIRST EXPERIENCES WITH BEST BUDDIESMy first day of best buddies was pretty fun because I knew some kids who were interested in doing it too. When the next meeting had come they had dropped out and I didn't really know anyone, but I decided to stick with it. I was partnered up with this kid named Tom. A girl named Katie was also paired up with him to help me out. He was really nice and wasn't really all that hard to understand or get through to him. He did have a tendancy to talk a lot though.

BEST BUDDIES ACTIVITIESDuring the year we called our buddy atleast two times a week and did an activity with them atleast once a month. We then did a group thing once a month. A group thing is when everyone in best buddies gets together and we do something as a whole. We did this once a month. Some group things we did were:

-go to a high school football game

- go bowling

-have a christmas party

-have a semi-formal dance

-have a end of the year cook-out

Some of the one-on-one activities I did with Tom and Katie were:

-watch a movie

-go out to eat

-go out for ice cream

-go to the mall

-throw Tom a birthday party

24 HOUR RELAYEvery year the town has a 24 hour relay. Best buddies organized a team to support best buddies and I volunteered to join it. The 24 hour relay was a lot of fun and people from best buddies, like Tom, stopped by during the day to see how the runners were doing. Best buddies did very well and in a total we ran over 100 miles. We also decorated a banner and won "Best Banner".

Best Buddies was fun and I can't wait to join in next year.