friday, sept. 1st, 2000

I wake up after having a bad dream, but things are going to get better. Just because I have a bad dream, doesn't mean I'm going to have a bad day, right?

Out of bed, take a shower and get something to eat. I have some pizza because it's 11:30a.m. and I'm hungry. I think about all my plans for the day. Something interesting must be happening in my life. I look at my schedule and see:

Friday, september 1, 2000.
Work: 4-9

Gee, what an exciting day I'm really going to have. Well, works not that bad. My day isn't totally ruined.

A little while later get a call and plan to go to my friends house to watch a movie after work! See, I knew things would get better for me.
A couple minutes goes by and I hear the phone ring, I search for the cordless and pick it up. It's my aunt. She asks for my mom, she sounds pretty serious. I give the phone to my mom and then go back to my computer. A few minutes later I ask my mom whats wrong. She says, Uncle Johnny had a stroke, he's now in a comma. The doctor doesn't think he'll make it through the day. My dad comes home from work and my mom tells him the news. He hurry's up to work and tells them he can't stay. He comes home and makes some calls and soon my parents are off to the hospital, which is a couple of hours away.

My day hasn't been that great. I had to call out of work because I didn't have a ride home. I hang out all day just waiting for some feedback about my uncle. Eight o'clock comes and my brother calls looking for our parents. I tell him where they are and give him the number to the hospital. He calls me back and tells me the news. Uncle Johnny is internally bleeding in the brain and it doesn't look to good. They are waiting for his heart to go, cuz his brain is gone for good. I hang up the phone and go off to my friends house. I can't really concentrate on the movie, but I try anyways. I then leave for home, dropping off a friend first. I get to my house and my parents are home. Uncle Johnny is still alive, but they are going back tomorrow. He most likely won't make it through the night, but we will see tomorrow.

well today wasn't so great now was it? But maybe it will be all better tomorrow. Thats a wish that won't come true, but I wish it anyways, just to brighten up a dark bad day.