My day started off on the late side, but I was looking forward to a fun day! I got up at 6, right on time. I took my shower and climbed back into bed, hoping not to fall into a deep sleep so I could be up by 6:30. But of course, what happens? I fall asleep and my brother hollers to me'"Steve, get up. It's quarter of 7." I shoot up out of my bed and try to get dressed as fast as I can. I have five minutes to get ready and make my bus. (a.k.a the loser cruiser)So anyways, I gel my hair up and run off to school. Make it to my bus, barely, but I do make it! I then prepare myself for another day at high school.

Talking to my friends at my locker is always a morning little thing. We all gather in a group in front of my locker and talk until the bell goes off. I realize that I forgot my current event for history and say,"oh man!!!" I then hear the bell and make my way to my first period class. I then think to myself that my bag is kinda light. I think, what could I possibly be missing? My geometry book, I have that 3rd and I dont usually go back to my locker. I turn around and head back to get it. I get it and run to class so I'm not late. I have a pretty easy day and end up getting that current event done before history. Mine was about a sub in Russia that sank in August. They recovered a body that had a note on it saying 23 peeople were still alive. So anyways, I leave school and get home. I go to the bank to cash my check and then go to my friend becki's house.

I panic about a halloween party I'm going to later tonight and try to throw my costume together. i plan on being Sam I Am from a Dr. Seuss book. I make a sign that says Sam I Am on the front side of me and then in the back another saying I Am Sam. I also make green eggs and ham. I go to the store and pick up make-up and coke. I go to my friend jenn's house(the place of the party and bring everything in. Turns out I forgot the sheet that I was gonna make the body of my costume into. So me and becki and Jenn brain storm on what I should be. We come up with a sheet which can't be ruined. We make it into a toga so I am now the Greek Sam I Am! I put on the face make-up and put on my big poke-a-dotted hat. I get my green eggs and ham and my sign and then start decorating the house. People start to come and we have a great time. I then get picked up from Becki's mom and drop Kristin off. I get out of the car at my house and jump onto the computer. check e2 and write a node. Well, now that was my day and it turned out to be a fun one, just like I thought!