I thought I liked the characters in this movie at first, then I realised that I dislike just about everyone but Banky.

No, really. Alyssa annoyed me right off. What a hypocrite. "Oh, it's so wrong when straight guys hit on us lesbians!" If I had a buck for every time a lesbian tried to convert a straight girl ... this sort of thing has to cut both ways. Holden wanting her is nothing to get pissed off about. I've heard the "lesbians have already been with men and know it isn't for them" counterargument and I'm singularly unimpressed. First off, not all lesbians have been with men, and some of those straight girls they are trying to convert have already tried women and decided it isn't for them.

Hooper hits the mark when he mentions how accepting everyone is of lesbians and their antics. I'm sorry, but they don't get to define how relationshps should be. There's no magic sign that says, "Of all people, you are the keepers of how this kind of thing should go." Men and women, straight, gay, bi, or whatever, it's an equal share.

Also, she's a liar. Sure, it's a sin of omission (or maybe it is stronger than that, I don't recall if she actually said that she had never been with a man). I don't think you have to put your entire sexual resume up for grabs when you date someone, but if you're claiming to be one thing and leaving out "fingercuffs" and a whole lot more, you're not being upfront when you're going to put on the big black triangle.

And, as misguided as Holden is in thinking a threeway is going to put him into the same realm as Alyssa is, breaking up with him over it is damned silly. You can't just say, "I was going through this growth experience" and then imply that your lover will never quite reach your sexual enlightenment.

Holden is a bit of a schmuck for not calling Alyssa on some of the aforementioned crap and none too brilliant for thinking that a threeway is going to put him on the same level.

Banky, on the other hand, is a steadfast friend who would do just about anything to keep his friendship alive. Talk about your unsung heroes.

"Soulmates" come and go more often than you think, but a rock solid friend is a treasure. The saddest part of the film to me was that everyone was convinced that he should pine after this long-lost love, as if there were one and only one perfect girl for him. What should have put tears in his beer is the fact that he managed to trash a friendship.