Computerised Operational Policing System

A computer system developed for the New South Wales Police and introduced in April 1994.

The aim of COPS was to centralise information that was previously held in paper files or less accessible computer databases - the Central Names Index, the Crime Information and Intelligence System, the Integrated Licensing System, the Stolen Vehicles Index and the Roads and Traffic Authority's computer system - and to cross-reference details of all "persons of interest". Such persons include people with a criminal record, those with an outstanding warrant, someone who is the subject of an intelligence report or a domestic violence order, anyone who holds a gun licence, a person with a history of mental illness, a victim of crime or a suspect - ie. basically everyone.

The information contained within COPS is instantly accessible to any serving police officer, and allows enquiries to be made on names, addresses, vehicles, organisations, animals and objects to gain relevant information in the course of police investigations.

Because the system is open to corruption individual officers are randomnly audited and must account for bona fides of each enquiry.