Derryn Hinch's face is a familiar one in Australia. Some might call him a legend, or, by what he is commonly known as, 'Hinchy.' In essence, he is a charismatic, informative and witty journalist, public speaker, and well known swell guy.

In the early 1980's he was the undisputed king of Melbourne Radio and later hosted current affairs program HINCH, on the Seven network, for which he is most famous. Hugely popular, HINCH had a format much like other current affairs programs, but with an indescribable element - the Hinch factor. He brought to the program a genuine sense of honesty and dedication rarely if ever replicated by other prime time anchors. "It's a shame" he would utter as he revealed various sheists, conmen and industry tricks. You could say that he was the patron saint of the honest, hardworking Australian, or in more Australian terms, the patron saint of "the aussie battler." Endearingly portrayed by Steve Vizard on the comedy sketch show 'Fast Forward' as "Hunch." A great man.

Also a novelist, he has written a book about himself, which he titled "That's Life."

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