After cooking, there are several possibilities for serving corn on the cob.

The ideal corn, being extremely fresh should be just sweet and delicious enough that nothing in the way of seasoning is necessary. In this case, simply chomp down and enjoy!

Sometimes, your corn is just a little too starchy to be sweet enough. In this case, the "classic" solution to the seasoning problem is the good ol' butter and salt. By coating the cob with butter, an adhesive layer is created, allowing the sodium chloride to stick... Simply delicious!

Here's my personal favorite. Serve the corn and provide on the table a tray of lime wedges as well as a dish of paprika - hopefully the good, high quality kind! While it might sound odd, when the corn is coated with lime juice and subsequently smothered in the paprika, the result is unbelievably fantastic!

As a final note, there is nothing that can improve a corn on the cob experience like a good toothpick provided at the close of the meal.