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mission drive within everything
subvert, combine, transcend, include, evolt... QUIA OMNIA SUNT NUDA ET APERTA
all those experimental schools for smart kids that popped up when hippies got into education...
"Give me a man who doesn't know where he's going and I'll follow him anywhere." - me
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Blockstackers and dogs a-wag (idea)
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bard, musician, digital artist, lesser saint - ie. squirrel that doesn't hoard nuts

try to put my music where my mouth is - which is to say ideology/philosophy in verse and guitar

one man band - must be my BO

i like the vibe - it is learning and mutation combined, the interface is a bit of a barrier to entry to woo those for whom greater than and less than signs and html tags stop not only the flow of words, but thoughts

telepathy is merely the invisible interface - like dig?

i'm thirty-something (isn't everyone?)

i adore controversy why have page three, when page one is yours for the price of a pie well hurled

my hobbies include: collecting and presenting media out of context to encourage reactions from the walking dead, taunting those with less self-knowledge until their eardrums bleed from the effort of trying to awaken, making music for the deaf and writing books for the blind... well you get the idea...

i also do a dilbert routine (doesn't everyone?)

yore one and only,