Well, I thought about writing about Swedish words "lagom" and "fika", but after much (well, a few minutes at least) consideration I decided that they weren't much harder to translate than liveforever's different words...

...however, after reading his node I started to remember something I'd read a few weeks ago about a word that was, supposedly, _the_ hardest word to translate in the entire world (Wait! Don't downvote just yet!).

It's in fuegia, a language spoken in southern Argentina and in Chile. The word is Mamihlapinatapai (verb), which means "looking at each other, hoping that the other person will offer to do a task both knows has to be done eventually by someone but neither wants to do".

I think I should win the stuffed bunny.


Update: Yeah, I misunderstood you, liveforever. Ah well, I'll leave the writeup here anyway, since I believe all words really are translatable, anyway - at the very least to one other language. Therefore mamihlapinatapai isn't THAT out of place. :)