How achan makes jessicapierce's Flax Seed Crackers

I did some things differently:
  • I used only 1 cup of flour.
  • I have a coffee grinder so I added the ground flax. I will poop better than jessicapierce.
  • I used 4tsp of butter as per the recipe. In order to get the dough to stick together I rubbed olive oil on my hands and kneeded it a bit.
  • I used milk, not water. 1%, not skim. I prefer skim but no one else drinks it.
  • I made cracker shapes, but that's trivial

My dough was not rubbery, and it stuck together. I attribute this to the fact that I used half a cup less flour.

They are in the oven now. Soon we shall see how they turn out.

The first sheet is done! They taste great! They have a nutty flax flavour, and are not bland at all, even though I only used .5 tsp salt.

Less flour, ground flax, delicious!