<achan> you know what i like about marble cheddar?
<achan> i like being able to see individual curds
<achan> and sometimes you can pull them apart
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<achan> but there's no whey they'll be the same as they were before they were pressed into a block
<achan> jasonm arrives just in time for my bad cheese curd pun
<jasonm> achan: i'm pretty sharp at finding holes in cheese puns, so watch out
<achan> ouch 2 in one sentence
<jasonm> (or you'll get creamed)
<jasonm> =)
<jasonm> not bad for a cracker, eh?
<achan> ahhhhhh
<jasonm> unfortunately, i don't know how much longer i can milk this
<jasonm> you seem to have soured on the idea already
<achan> caesin point
<jasonm> my theory on cheese puns is that where there's a wheel, there's always a whey
* jasonm is stringing achan along at this point
<jasonm> i'm sorry, i seem to have jacked the conversation.
<achan> heh
<jasonm> btw caesin was a good one, very original
<achan> i think this might be worth saving
<achan> i spelled it wrong tho, casein apparently
<jasonm> i wondered at that
<jasonm> save it if you like, but don't spread it around too much.
* jasonm snickers
<achan> we could wax poetic about gruyere and gouda but i think the joke is getting a little ripe
<achan> but it's a matter of taste, and it all comes down to culture
<jasonm> i may keep a copy to skim later

OUCH! The cheesy jokes never end.