I was almost killed by spacemen who kidnapped me and gave me an anal probe...

B and I are driving down to Vancouver from our home in Nelson. It has been an uneventful trip, but I have felt ill all day, like something wasn't right. I thought it was just nerves because I was about to move into an apartment I'd never seen before.

Due to my nausea i've been drifting in and out of sleep the entire trip down (I wasn't driving :) Around 4PM I wake up and see us swerving. Oh whatever, thinks I, just a bit of fish tailing. We then spin 180 degrees and slide into the mountain. Spin again another 180 degrees and end up facing the right way. The front end, drivers side catches the bank and flips us back up onto the highway, we land on my side of the car and then flip over upside down and land on the windshield. Fun fun fun.

A: shit
B: are you ok?
A: yes, you?(I really had no clue if I was ok or not, but I could speak, and I took that to mean nothing was seriously wrong)
B: yep

It was at this time I realised that we were in the middle of nowhere and it would be a good long time before someone came with the jaws of life to get us out, so I tried to open my door (not entirely aware that I was upside down). Door doesn't open, go out the window. My window has been crushed and is now half the size it used to be, I'm not entirely sure I can fit out. I get my head and arms through. That didn't work. At this time I realise my seatbelt is holding me in and unbuckle it. I try again to get out and am successful. Outside I see... LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL WOMEN! I'm serious. There is something comforting about crawling out of a wrecked car and seeing a bunch of pretty girls who stopped to help. They tell me I'm in shock and to sit down. What I really want to do is see if B got out but I'm in no mood to argue so I sit.

B gets out of his car and is a little freaked out because I'm not visible, I'm actually sitting on the road on the otherside of the car.

An RN who stopped to help checks us out, cleans our wounds and leaves a pretty girl to watch over us when she's satisfied that we're all right. Her husband took a picture of B with his wrecked vehicle. Our injuries, despite the damage to the car are rather trival: I got road rash on my forearm, from when my side of the car bounced off the highway, and B had a scraped up knee. The pretty girl stays with us until the tow truck arrives. We get a really freaky tow truck driver, a real country bumpkin. He just happened to be driving when he saw us. He's BCAA so we let him help.

While the tow truck driver was flipping the car back on it's wheels, someone in a little rollerskate car comes whipping down the same corner and does a few 360's before slamming into the cement barriers on the otherside of the highway. He stops for a minute, then starts his car and drives away.

The tow truck driver tows us to the nearest town where we makes some phonecalls and arrange for someone to pick us up and bring us to our destination. It wasn't until we were in a car on our way to Vancouver again that I realised how close to being killed we really came. If our heads were a few inches further forward they would've been between the dashboard and the highway, and that would not have been pleasant.

Calling my mother to tell her about the accident was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. How do you tell your mother that you were in an accident that very nearly killed you? The car got towed back home to Nelson and I really hope she doesn't go to look at it.

Drive carefully
btw, I say "almost killed" and not "almost died", the injuries I received were not life threatening so I was not close to death, but the accident could very well have been fatal if not for a mere few inches...