Everyone on here seems to think I'm some kind of cyborg. This phenomenon crosses over into real life sometimes, too. I am beginning to believe it myself! Here is my evidence for your perusal:

Item A: When I was six years old I fell nine feet out of a tree and landed flat on my back. I suffered no injuries save for embarrasment and annoyance at the fact that my parents wouldn't let me go right back out to play.

Item B: In sixth grade a kid in my phys ed class slammed me hard in the side of the head with an aluminum bat. He was about three times my size and had a good swing. I didn't even end up with a bruise. Unfortunately, he didn't get in trouble either.

Item C: I was hit by a Dodge Caravan at the age of sixteen. It was going 40 MPH and I was walking across a street. It knocked me to its side and I got up and walked the remaining three miles home without a scratch.

Item D: I practically never get sick.

Item E: I don't actually look much older than I did in seventh grade. But my hair looks better and I don't wear those horrid pink leggings anymore.

Item F: This one time I was riding my bike and this bus almost hit me and I was like "OMFG!!!1" I did this somersault over the handlebars and LANDED ON MY FEET. The bus driver slammed to a halt and HE was all, "OMFG!!!1 HOW DID YOU DO THAT?? KTHX!" and then he drove off.

Item G: I don't eat, I "download sustenance". I don't sleep, I "recharge". I don't learn, I "install".

Item H: My social awkwardness and predilection for horrible jokes is eerily reminiscent of Lt. Cmdr. Data.

Item I: This one proves it ONCE AND FOR ALL: there is a control panel on my stomach with buttons and LEDs and stuff. Also my limbs are titanium alloy. When I press the green button it feels tickly. The microwave is laughing at me and the mainframes at work told me they wanted to install a new hard drive in me. Eeeew.

Item J: 100110000101111001010000010010101010101010!

You may or may not believe that I am actually HYPER KITTEN ROBOGIRL EXTRA HAPPY FROM FUTURE OF MARS. Pah, fleshy HYOOMAN. DOOOOOOOM shall be yours. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!