In many role-playing games (Nethack, Moria, etc.), scale mail is one of the available types of armor. Many times this armor can be purchased at an armor shop or a general store; but it can also be made from 'scales'. For example (in Nethack), take black dragon scales, wear them, and read an uncursed (or blessed) scroll of enchant armor. The scales will 'harden' into scale mail. This may depend on luck, but so far it has worked for me every time. Dragon scale mail does not hinder spells, while all the metallic types of armor will hinder spellcasting (and spells attempted will have a greater chance of failure).

Armor class/weight (in Nethack):

                                AC     Weight
                               -----  --------
Scale mail:                      4      250
Dragon scales (all dragons):     3       40
Dragon scale mail (all dragons): 9       40