Yesterday, today (last year), and tomorrow.

It's time I said a few things. Who knows who will ever read them in their moment on the web... sometimes it's not the content, but having said it that matters.


You seem to have finally let go. I'm sorry it was so difficult for you. I'm sorry I was still there and you had to deal with my presence.

The whole thing was too much here and there. Secret life and public life. Who knows how many secrets we actually kept? Who knows how many people actually knew what was going on?

I don't think either of us was 'fair'. Right at the time of questioning, when I wanted to see that I had a good relationship, you put a temptation out there to reel me back in. Just as you worried you would lose me, in a 'dead' time away from school and busyness and supporting friends, I called it quits.

Were either of us wrong? Yes, sometimes. My response was wrong in the anger and actual words used, but right for us. You tempting me was wrong, but the desire to get my attention and have a real conversation and know what life will bring tomorrow was right.

This is my final goodbye to you this side of eternity. Our personalities, our relationship... all that was too much for either of us. We'd travel the same path all over again and not realize it. I do hope to see you in heaven... God loves you more than I ever could.