I went to the infamous Comiket in Tokyo, Japan today.

For those of you unfamiliar with Comiket, it has two main attractions. The first one is doujinshi, which are comics produced by non-professionals. Non-professionals as in they're not famous enough to make a living off their art quite yet. Some of the doujinshi are original works, while others are more like fan comics. Some of them are pornographic in nature, with yaoi (homosexual love stories).

The other main attraction for Comiket are the cosplayers. These are a group of people that enjoy dressing up in their favorite anime, manga, or video game characters. As with all things, the quality of the cosplayers varies a lot. Some of them are very cute, while others are not.

Comiket is the biggest event of its kind in Japan. America doesn't really have anything like Comiket quite yet, but they have anime conventions instead. Having been to both, I would definitely say I find the American variant more entertaining. Comiket offers little besides shopping and people-watching.

I had wanted to take lots of pictures of the cute cosplayers but then realized I didn't have enough film for all of them. So then I thought about taking only pictures of selective ones, but realized that my picture choice would be evidence to the sick and twisted pervert that I am. I decide that perhaps picture taking isn't such a good idea.

I consider myself pretty hardcore when it comes to this fanboy kinda stuff...and even then I was surprised at a couple of things. The booth that was playing hardcore anime porn in the middle of the dealer's room was a bit surprising. The number of skimpy costumes were too (as in way more than I expected). Oh, and I had been told that there was an admission charge, and entrance turned out to be free.

A couple of quick notes...The most popular costume sets were Digi Charat, Final Fantasy X, and Guilty Gear X. Rabi~en~Rose was probably the most cosplayed female character there. There were a lot of crossplayers as well. Scariest crossplayer goes out to the guy who did a male Kris Christopher from Battle Athletes. And the coolest groups would have to go out to the girls who did the Dragon Warrior medley group and the girls who did the Suikoden group. Though I don't understand why they needed so many Templetons.