Waiting in line at the finance department the other day with nought but random thoughts to keep me company I decided to check out E2 on my phone.

I have long held the belief that screens on these devices are made for uninterrupted reading times of maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Stretch that and soon your eyes will be begging you for deliverance from this self inflicted torture. This is partially the reason why SMS's are restricted to 160 characters (the other being so that people could come up with elite ways of spelling words).

"cu l8r @ pops", anyone ?

Just the thought of staring at such a small screen while pressing the joystick down every 5 seconds or so is infuriating enough to never warrant any serious reading on the phone. Just the quick run through the contact list or the odd message or two will do quite fine, thank you. Overstep the limit and the warranty is voided.

It never quite does work this way, does it ?

Trouble is, I kinda liked what I saw. Well enough to justify innumerable returns whenever I caught myself getting bored. With the page formatting perfectly in the inbuilt browser, navigation was a lark and reading too wasnt quite the pain I had imagined it just some time ago. Suddenly I was all over the place - Daylog / Dream Log / Editor Log / Page of Cool and begging for more. With dirt cheap access charges, the last thing I was worried about was a month end bill which I wouldnt be able to pay (as happens too often).

Now if only I could get this damn joystick to stop acting up every now and then so that I can get back to my reading.... on the small screen.