Today is the last day of my summer break !!

Tomorrow I start college again albeit this time as a third year under-grad student. Though I would love to stop and wonder on how the past two years have flown by, I wont. This node isnt about that, rather it is about the glorious annual tradition called the "Summer Break".

Year in, year out a multitude of ideas have sprung up in my mind to best utilize this glorious time off from studies. Catching up on my reading, getting back into shape, learning something new, etc., etc., were just some of the ideas that I had planned to implement in this space of a month and a half.

But then, who am I trying to kid ?

Its not like I didnt try. Every day I would promise myself that I would follow up on my so-called summer resolutions from the next day onwards. Contemplating the hard work I would have to put in was tiring enough, forget actually doing anything.

Now that the vacation's at an end I have time to reflect on my extreme procrastination and start planning for the term and maybe the next break..