We already have the administrative password for the universe.

  • It grants root access to all privileged areas of the filing system, assuming we're smart enough to make sense of the information..
  • it grants all executive power, assuming we learn how to use that information.
  • it imposes no arbitrary organizational constraints except those we impose upon ourselves.

It's called the mind, and in one sense it resides, in potentia, within the mass of electricity and grey goo that fills up your cranium. In its natural empty state, it's pure consciousness.

Of course, the administrative password would only be useful to someone who understood something about the structure of the operating system. To someone with no idea what to do, having root access to an alien operating system would be basically useless.

Having the administrative password and the seemingly unlimited power which goes with it would correspondingly imply total and complete responsibility for your own actions, and invalidate any and all future methods of involuntary control and conditioning.

However, such a state would be constantly lost as you became attached to concepts and sensations and attributed truth and reality to them, believing you had experienced the ding an sich, rather than simply perceived its reflection through the sensorium and a priori transcendental intuitions, and confused it with reality.