A Gameboy and Gameboy Color title developed by Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning.

Mario Golf combines golf simulation with elements of RPGs. For example, as well as playing one off games with existing players, including Mario and Luigi, it is possible to use the game's character creation features to take part in an interactive story mode in which competing in golf tournaments and completing challenges set by other characters earns experience points, which allow the player to increase their character's stats, such as drive power and shot accuracy, and unlock hidden features of the game, such as magic clubs.

The game is oriented around competitions at four golf clubs - Marion Club, your home club, not too challenging and set in the pleasant countryside, Palm Club - named after the palm trees of its warm tropical setting, slightly more challenging than Marion club but nothing that a new player shouldn't be able to handle, Dune Club, more challenging than Marion or Palm, in the middle of the arid desert, and Links Club, located by the sea. This is the hardest course to play due to strong sea breezes, sloping greens and abundant shrubbery...

Each club also has its own champion:

Puttz - Marion Club Champion
Grace - Palm Club Champion
Tiny - Dune Club Champion
Gene Yuss - Links Club Champion

Each club also has training facilities, including driving ranges, where you can have your swing examined (which helps when deciding how to allocate experience points) and putting greens, where you can practice putting at different angles and on various slopes.

The eventual aim of the game is to win all four club tournaments and become a worthy opponent for Mario, the greatest of all golfers. Mario Golf has enough depth to make you want to sit through the hours of play required to accomplish this. It's a game with something for everyone, even if you hate golf.