In addition, the most efficient way in which to provoke Jackie Chan is to go after significant other. For example:

Mr Nice Guy: Jackie helps a young, fairly attractive Austrailian reporter when she is attacked by gangsters. He wants nothing more to do with them, but when they kidnap his girlfriend he demolishes their leader's house with a heavy mining vehicle.

Police Story: Jackie has plenty to be mad about. He was set up by the drug dealer Ku and is wanted for the murder of another officer, but with Ku's goons lying in piles of shattered glass and a Hong Kong shopping mall in ruins, the case appears closed when the police rush in and are presented with evidence which clears Jackie and implicates Ku in countless crimes. However, when Jackie sees that Ku knocked his girlfriend down the stairs he beats him up, throws him into a shopping cart and kicks it through a glass cabinet.

Police Story 3 - Supercop The drug baron Shiabot drops Jackie's girlfriend out of a helicopter onto the roof of a car. Jackie proceeds to jump onto a rope ladder hanging from the helicopter, dangles there high above the streets of Kuala Lumpur and beats up Shiabot's goons, leaving Shiabot to be killed when the helicopter explodes after becoming stuck on top of a train and rammed into a railway bridge.