I'm in the middle of a massive indoor structure. It's so big that I can't see the walls or ceiling, but I know that I am inside because I don't feel any wind and my footsteps echo as I walk along.

There are no lights in the building. I am carrying a flashlight that provides some illumination in the space a few metres around me. Eventually I come to a piano. It is black and glossy, and the beam of light is reflected off it.

I sit down and begin to play. This is strange because I can't play the piano. I play the theme tune from "Legend of Zelda" then I get up and continue walking.

After a long walk I reach the wall. There is a metal shutter in the middle of it with an electronic panel on the wall beside it. The buttons on the panel represent the numbers to 8. I don't know the combination to open the shutter. I press the buttons in the following order:


The shutter slowly rolls open and I step outside into an unfamiliar rural environment. The sky is slate grey and it looks like it will begin to rain at any moment. I walk across the grass away from the building, which looks like an aircraft hanger of incredibly vast proportions, eventually reaching a dirt-track road.

Heading along the road, I see a blue car. I open the door and see a film crew crammed into the small space inside. They look at me angrily. The director gets out of his folding chair, approaches me and says:

"Do you mind? We're trying to make a porno movie here."

I apologise for interrupting and start walking away, then I turn around and say:

"Hey, what are you doing in my car!?"