Everybody makes mistakes and acts immature at times, and it's easy for people of a more shallow sort to rather go on forever hating former friends indefinitely and never fix things up. If it's one thing I've learned, it's how important it is to grow up and end the hatred. Here are my tips:

  • Everyone is human. So everyone will make mistakes or get carried away with their emotions now and then. You'll never be happy if you hold grudges for such things, because everyone you ever meet will eventually mess up.
  • Forgive. You'd be surprised at how much better things become almost instantaneously if you just let go a little.
  • It takes two to have a conflict. It's a guarantee that if you have conflict in your life, you're equally responsible for it.
  • Don't have regrets. You'll never be rid of the regret that you acted like an ass and shunned someone, so you might as well not do it so that you can keep your conscience clear.
  • Communicate. The old adage that time heals all wounds isn't really as deep and true as people sell it to be. You have to talk things through, always.
  • Don't be a selfish asshole. Grudges are petty little selfish needs for revenge.