It's friendship, right?

I got it once when I was trying to wax philosophical with her (rather sophomorishly, I admit). I asked her, what would she do if she awoke one morning and found that everyone else on Earth was gone? Her answer amazed me. But my understanding of the truth behind her answer didn't hit me until recently. She said she'd kill herself. I think that's a great answer, and no, don't run away... Hear me out. See, what purpose does life have if there is noone with whom to be friends?

Nietzsche wrote in Thus Spoke Zarathustra that women are not ready to be friends; only men are. Well, I disagree with that. I think a man might derive that conclusion if all his experiences of trying to establish friendships with women have always beem messed up by romantic feelings. It's not that men and women can't be friends. It's just hard because it's natural to want the false truth that romance should follow once a man and a woman successfully establish an emotional bond. But romance takes more than friendship, and so romantic actions can break apart those bonds if you pursue it with the wrong person.

A truly good romantic relationship has to have a good friendship at its foundation. So I'm not trying to separate the two.

Anyways, so perhaps the key to pursuing a good life is to find those people who are compatible enough that you can establish good friendships with them? That's what I'm going to believe. And what makes a pair of people compatible enough to be good friends? Lots of common interests, maybe? Complementary perspectives on life that allow the two people to grow from interacting with one another? It also takes work. If you feel you have a lot in common with a person, if you like them, and if you enjoy their company... don't let some romantic urges lead you astray. Or at least try hard enough to recover from them. They might cause you to pass up a good friendship. You also shouldn't pass up someone who you feel can really teach you important things. And who can help lighten up your life a little bit and help you get out and live a little. Certainly don't become a hermit or limit yourself to people you only talk to online, because maybe you'll find a purpose for living that way but your life won't really be all that complete. And you might just end up getting depressed all the time in spite of thinking that your life has meaning.