Not a good day.

1: I promised my manager too much.
At work, we just had layoffs and a big reorganization. Now I'm on a new team, working on something special. That part is good, because if I'm lucky I may get to take business trips to Japan. What's bad is that I have to transition all my old work. I came up with an outline for a very comprehensive document that my manager and I could use to transition the work. Now I've got to deliver that big, stinking document. I am just way too stressed out on such a rush job that I don't even officially have to care about anymore. I could have just been irresponsible and had no care in the world for whoever would inherit my old tasks, but no, I had to shoot my mouth and give a good sales pitch for this document I proposed. Lame.

2: A book cover I could do without
Why oh why did Hunter S. Thompson have to go and stick a picture of his bare ass on the back of Kingdom Of Fear? I am glued to my laptop writing a document for work all weekend long. Kate suggested we get out of our apartment and go to a cafe. I'd work on my document, and she'd read my copy of Kingdom Of Fear to pass the time. But the whole time, I was cringing as she'd lift the book up and show off Hunter's ass to the rest of the cafe. I'm too modest to like such things. But that book is too precious, so it's not like I could remove the cover. Kate gave me silly looks every time I tried to grab the book and turn the book cover inside out, and never let me fix the problem.

3: Weekends aren't for working
Another sunny weekend in beautiful San Diego, California wasted away as I toil on work. Not even enough time to get in a game of golf, or anything. I'm so pissed off about it that now I can't sleep!