Curse this blasted, Irish ancestry! I wore waterproof sunblock with a high SPF, and still after only 2 hours of kayaking around the bay with my friends I still have a sunburn on my knee. But it was still worth it.

Kayaking is fun. It's nice to just be in the ocean water on a beautiful day. But when rehashing the fun of the day with my friends over some beers and burgers afterwards, someone mentioned how some people use their kayaks to ride the waves alongside the surfers. That sounds like a lot of fun, too. But then I thought, why bother to simulate the sensation of surfing if I could just learn to surf instead? I was visiting a friend today who happens to surf now and then. Her roommate has these kittens she's trying to find homes for, and I told her I'd get back to her tomorrow after I've thought more about adopting one or not. If I end up adopting one, then while I'm over at her place picking it up I'll also ask her if she'd teach me to surf.

The same friend invited this guy she likes the last time we all played pool. He seemed pretty cool, and she likes him. But he hasn't called her since that one night. She gave me her analysis. Maybe he's just out of town on business? Or maybe he's just going slowly? But I could tell she was sad. She realized he might just not be interested. The whole weekend went by and he never called. Since that's when most people seek out the ones they like, things don't bode well for them.

All I could for my friend was give her some basic advice. If he likes her, he'll call. If she likes him, it's not a bad thing for her to call him. And if it turns out that he's just not interested, then oh well. It's his loss. I couldn't really fix her pain. I couldn't do anything magical to make him appear, expressing his love for her. I couldn't remove the doubts. I couldn't really weaken the blow of him not liking her, if he doesn't. I could just absorb some of her pain by being there as a friend. It helps a little when a friend does that. But not enough. And it's hard for me to understand why he wouldn't be interested in her, and to see her feel bad as we both ponder that together.

Maybe that's why some people just don't have real friends? Maybe they figure it's hard enough to absorb one person's share of pain and they're too selfish and immature to take on the burden of sharing anyone else's? But I know it would have been more painful for my friend to not have friends around her when she felt so bad. Having a caring person to talk to helps, if only a little bit.

And there's a certain amount of beauty in the world behind the whole thing. You just have to know how to see it. She may be sad right now. But she knows she's not alone. And I feel sad for her, but I know that she considers me a good enough friend to help her. What little good she and I could take from it all may not compare so well against true love. But it's still beautiful in its own right. It's beautiful when you're reminded that none of us are really alone in life.